Botanical Beauties & Beasties

Beasty or Beauty is surely in the eye and mind of the beholder! We hope you find these Eco Conscious Creatures fun, intriguing, dignified and enchanting.  Each one is an original image.

The purpose of the Botanicals is to Eco Awareness & Education: to spread the message of “Green is more than a color.”
The hope of the Botanicals is to get into the hearts of minds of the public.
The mantra of the land is promoting a sustainable earth in the modern world, helped by the relationships of Kindness. Our Mantra is "Kindness, because its always the bottom line." 

This collection of products are all from The Botanical Beauties and Beasties - Eco Art with a story. They are unique, whimsical, and perfect for all sprouting ideas. The Botanicals want to do a great job in helping the understanding of Kindness to eachother, to ourselves and to our planet Earth. We mix it all up with art, creativity and imagination creating a message that is fun as well as needed in todays world.

We are located in Annapolis Maryland. 
You can follow us in various ways! Please do join in the fun. 


The Botanical Beauties & Beasties are delighted to see you here. We are Art with a message of Kindness, to each other, oneself and the planet. ----------------- Please understand that at times if I am out of stock on an card image I will email you and see if suitable alternative images can be used. Thanks.