Botanical Beauties & Beasties

Hurrah!  We have been featured on the EcoRI website as a green and local business.

WhaHoo! We were thrilled to be noticed on ecobites - make your life greener - one bite at a time.

WOOT! We meet an lovely lady who is called The Journal lady ®.  She does on the spot interviews which she calles "stranger interviews", takes photos, and post them to Flickr. Here we are! Very Fun Concept and reality!

"The whimsical, colorful designs were intriguing and eye catching. In chatting with the artist, Liz Carren, I became more fascinated with her new product line. I loved the individuality and fact that each design had a different character name and occupation!...

From Curlytop3  a lovely comment: "this looked like a chance meeting that turned out well for the both of you :)...very interesting woman and such a great artist with fun designs and whimsical wisdom, don't we all need that from time to time to keep life an adventure !!" 

and from 4real "Artist, Environmentalist"......what a winning combination!!! I LOVE her art and attitude! And I LOVE your interview and photos!.."


The Botanical Beauties & Beasties are delighted to see you here. We are Art with a message of Kindness, to each other, oneself and the planet. ----------------- Please understand that at times if I am out of stock on an card image I will email you and see if suitable alternative images can be used. Thanks.